Our mission

We aim NCIG to be the device that helps in decreasing death by smoking. We intend to make traditional smokers to switch to NCIG for the betterment of their lives. We also aim to cultivate this lifestyle to the masses as the healthier alternative to smoking.

Our values

We have an obligation to our customers, employees, suppliers, society and the environment. This is part of our company strategy and everyday working environment.

what makes us a special agency

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We believe in improving Malaysian lifestyle, by supplying them with NCIG. Malaysian’s death smoking are at a staggering amount therefore it need to change.

We created NCIG as an alternative for adult smokers. As smoking cigarettes are bad for your health, we want NCIG to be the solution, we want the smokers to switch from dangerous smoking to NCIG.

We recognized the fact that smoking alternatives continue to be the subject of conversation therefore we intend to prove our NCIG’s worth to Malaysians in helping them to change their lifestyle or even better, to quit smoking altogether.